Pentagon will shift an additional $1.5 billion to help fund Trump’s border wall

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Pentagon to shift $1.5 billion in funds to help build US-Mexico border wall.. The Pentagon will shift $1.5 billion from its 2019 budget, with more than half coming from support for Afghan.

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The reprogramming comes in addition to $1 billion the Pentagon pulled out of Army manpower accounts in March that allowed the administration to build another 80 miles of wall on the southern border.

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is shifting $1.5 billion in funds originally targeted for support of the Afghan security forces and other projects to help pay for construction of 80 miles of wall at.

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To piece together the $1.5 billion for additional wall construction, the Pentagon is shifting funds from several programs where it says it found savings. The biggest chunk, $604 million, is from the Afghan Security Forces Fund, which keeps the Afghan army and other security forces afloat.

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(CNN) — The first contracts to support the construction of President Donald Trump's much-sought-after border wall are expected to be awarded this. but the Pentagon has said it does not need congressional approval to shift the funds.. plans to shift an additional $1.5 billion in Pentagon funds toward wall.

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Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has approved the transfer of $1.5 billion from Pentagon coffers – including more than $600 million from an Afghan security forces account – to build more than 120 miles of barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a Pentagon statement released Friday.

The Pentagon has diverted an additional $1.5 billion in defense department funds from various accounts in order to fund president donald Trump’s border wall, acting Defense Secretary Patrick.

The Defense Department will reprogram an additional $1.5 billion originally designated for other U.S. military projects to help fund President Donald Trump’s border wall, acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan said Friday, a move immediately decried by Democrats as a way of side-stepping congressional oversight.

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